Deakin University Accounting Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Paper

There is a considerable interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting, which is demonstrated by a significant increase in the CSR literature over the past decades. From the viewpoint of social accounting theories corporations are social creations and their existence depends on the willingness of society to continue to allow them to operate (O’Donovan, 2002*).

*O’Donovan, G 2002, ‘Environmental disclosure in the annual report – Extending the applicability and predictive power of legitimacy theory’ Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, vol.15, iss.3, pp344-371.

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You are required to research information on the below issues.

1- The concept of CSR and the historical evolution of the concept.

2- The common theories supporting CSR practices and reporting (you should analytically discuss 3 relevant theories).

3- CSR limitations.

Then discuss and document the results of your research on the above issues in an essay format with the following suggested sections1:

  • Introduction (suggesting 100-150 words);
  • Body, can be presented under some subheadings (suggesting 900-1000 words);
  • Conclusion (suggesting 100-150 words).
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