Deakin University Research Methods Portfolio Project

I will Provide the required material of topics. once a tutor is assigned.

Length: 4000 words

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Description of assessment task

This assignment involves your completed portfolio containing 3 examples of research methods application from the weekly Practical Tasks you have developed throughout this unit (1500 words, worth 15 marks) and a reflexive essay drawing together your unit learnings, experiences in applying the research methods and possible applications of this combined knowledge to your prospective professional directions or industry (2500 words, worth 25 marks).

This portfolio is intended to be a show case of how you have applied your research methods knowledge to problems presented during the course of this unit. It should present your learning journey in developing applied knowledge of research methods to deliver in a professional communications context.

Part A:

Pick 3 Practical Tasks we have conducted during the course of this unit. You will need to include at least one Practical Task from topics 7 & 9 and make up the rest from topics 1, 2, 3, 5 or 6.

You can refine and polish the three Practical Tasks you’ve covered during the trimester and present them in Part A of your portfolio.

(1500 words)

Part B:

In part B, you will draw on the resources and descriptions we have provided in Topic 10 on reflexive research practice and structure your essay to demonstrate the following aspects.

  1. What you learnt through the process of applying the three Practical Tasks that you chose to present in Part A.
  2. A consideration of how the application of these methods has refined your understanding for ways to approach industry problems.
  3. Reflection on the impact of undertaking this research methods unit on your professional pathway and the possible applications you see for this knowledge within industry practice.

Please draw on the literature provided to you in the reading list and other scholarly sources to support your reflective essay. You should aim for a minimum of 10 references in your reference list.

Marking Criteria

What the Assessor will be looking for when marking this assignment:

  • Ability to conceptualise and design three (3) of the Practical Tasks set out in the study guide.
  • Evidence of having situated the research methods covered in the unit relative to their professional applications and other factors such as social, economic and cultural contexts.
  • Ability to write a critical and reflexive essay demonstrating insight into the research methods process, learning process and possible industry applications.
  • Ability to Identify and reflect upon the relevant ethical concerns raised in the application of research methods to industry problems.
  • Ability to identify, gather and retrieve scholarly and other information to support your presentation of the three (3) methods case studies and critical reflection.
  • Capacity to correctly reference a range of literature and information sources (be consistent in the application of a referencing style, for example Deakin Harvard).
  • Use of databases, library catalogues and the internet to find relevant and credible sources
  • Use of appropriate language, spelling, grammar and written expression

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