Demonstrate a detailed understanding of traditional and technology-based training methods utilizing academic research

Using the Assignment Rubric attached, develop a 4 page, APA formatted paper addressing the following:

The purpose of this assignment is to identify, analyze, discuss, and communicate a relevant issue, topic, or trend in a subject area. Research must be focus on the topics covered in Chapters 7 and 8 of the textbook – traditional and technology-based training methods. E-book information will be provided to the selected tutor.

Use the following points to structure your discussion:

• Identify a specific issue, topic, or trend in the related to either traditional or technology-based training methods.

• Select three recent, relevant, and related articles from the Training and Development literature (see the list below).

• Read and analyze the articles.

• Summarize the key information presented in each article.

• Explain why you believe this issue or trend is significant.

• Describe the impact you think it will have on training methods.

• Make two recommendations for action you believe practitioner or manager should follow to deal with the issue or topic.

The attached document contains a listing of Academic & Research Journals, Periodicals and Publications you may consult to find recent, relevant articles to explore your topic or issue: You may also find relevant articles in major newspapers (e.g., The New York Times, Wall Street Journal), but the key is to find something of substance that explores the topic in some detail, not a two paragraph snippet).

Your paper should be presented in a Microsoft Word document using APA format and 4 pages or more, pages must be double-spaced, typed in 12-point font.

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