Digital Communications Presentation

Research the digital communications tools used by the company you chose in Week 1 & Week 3. (see attached file with instructor’s comments) and use the same company and services for this assignment!!

Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker’s notes in which you:

1. Title slide

2. Intro slide

3. Provide an overview of the company.

4. Discuss its use of digital communications to address target markets and provide an example by embedding a url link into the Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide.

5. Does the tool discussed effectively reach its intended target market?

6. Discuss two marketing communications regulations and/or standards with which the company must comply in order to use the digital communications you have presented.

7. summery (conclusion)

8. Reference

NOTE: The power point slides need to look professional, with bullet point contents only. Each bullet point has to be a short sentence only, do not write a paragraph as a bullet point content. Each slide (not the title & reference slide) has to have a detailed speaker notes (not just a copy & paste of the slide’s content) make sure you use in-text citations according to the reference used in the speaker notes.

Add the embedded url link (as mentioned above in the listed requirements)

Use visual aids, graphs, or any other data if its related to the assignment. (make sure you reference them)

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Minimum 3 references required.

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