DirectTV case study

Read the case study attached titled DIRECTV: A Case Study in Customer Service; attached. Also see the attached example.

Task 1: Prepare a half-page executive summary for the president of DIRECTV.

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Task 2: Prepare a one- to two-page executive summary for the vice president of marketing for DIRECTV.

Task 3: Prepare a three- to five-page description for the files of this project, describing its results. The major topic headings should be the same as those that are in the book.

  • Background
  • Applying text mining
  • Taking the technical approach
  • Continuing to benefit

Task 4: Using Figure 21-8 below, identify the portion of this effort that is data preparation and the portion that is data analysis. The figure below shows the process for data analysis using arrows and boxes. The steps are raw text documents, term cleansing (parsing, misspelling, stemming, synonyms, and stop list), text to numbers, and finally, clustering. The text note for term cleansing is manual review and maintenance of new terms. The visual picture of a spreadsheet used to show documents summarized by most important terms in between steps text to numbers and clustering. At the end, where clustering takes place, a picture of cluster ball is used to illustrate the common customer issues identified by a cluster of similar documents.

What do you think the relative percentages between the two are if you are measuring total staff time?

Why do you believe this to be the case?

Do you think that BI analysts were involved in the data preparation phase? If so, to what extent?

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