Disc. 3 Textbook PICTURE discussion

Choose ONE concept from chapter 4, 5, 13 or 15 (not all). Myers, D. (2011). Exploring Psychology (8th ed.). New York, NY: Worth Publishers


1. Describe that concept in enough detail to teach it to others. Pretend that your reader does not know anything about that concept. Give page number references (3 points).

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2. Attach a PICTURE (photo) that YOU TOOK or make a DRAWING or CARTOON that exemplifies that concept. Or you may video your example and post it on youtube. Give us the URL.  I’ll look for accuracy, creativity, clarity and composition. (4 points)


3. In your post describe WHAT you did, HOW it exemplifies your concept and WHY you choose to do what you did. WHAT did you learn about the concept and how can you apply it to your own life? The more you describe here, the more likely you will earn all your points. (3 points)



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