Discriminatory Events

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Discrimination laws vary based on state. Research a recent discriminatory event that happened in your state. Discuss at two laws that were challenged that made this a discriminatory event. What evidence presented itself that determined the discriminatory practice? What was the outcome? Is there a state where this event would not have been considered discriminatory, if so, why? Share the article of the event within your post.

Reply to at least 2 of your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses.

classmate 1-were many stories to chose from and I came across this discriminatory event. I never knew this event had happened, i didn’t know the LGBT had discrimination. The event I chose to discuss is the HB2 law that affects the LGBTQ community. The HB2 law is also known as the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act and it was signed into law by governor Pat McCory of North Carolina. The original law before it was repealed originally stated that transgender could use the same sex restroom. For example if they was born as a man and transformed into a woman they could use the women’s restroom and vice versa. After so much heat and many places losing businesses and customers North Carolina repealed the bill and made some minor changes. As I mentioned customers and businesses lost millions for example , in Charlotte,NC they lost the NBA all star game and the NCAA took away seven championship games. As of today the law states people must use schools and public restrooms that corresponds to their biological sex.

classmate 2- Some of the world’s largest and most influential companies do business in Georgia. They are critical to the economy, revving the engines of innovation and providing jobs to millions. But if discriminatory so called “religious freedom” bills become law, the economic fallout could be catastrophic. State agencies have estimated that our state would lose billions in revenue to the tourism industry alone. Highly- innovative, highly-profitable companies are already threatening to leave Georgia in favor of states that don’t discriminate. And entertainment insiders have said the industry competing with cutting edge places like Los Angeles and New York would all but bottom out.

Georgia businesses are concerned, and they’re speaking the Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, led the forceful business opposition front when he drew the national spotlight to Georgia in the wake of last months hasty Senate vote to pass the discriminatory First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). Since then, he has threatened significant reductions in the company’s economic investment in the state:

” With a diverse workforce that includes more than 30,000 employees across Georgia, we fully support Governor Deal rejecting a bill, including Bill 757, that would do anything other than uphold equality and ensure Georgia remains a welcoming state for everyone.”

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