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In Chapter 4, the author talks about the condition of data (page 111). With regard to these conditions, how can these issues be mitigated when cleaning data?

Choose 2 conditions and describe actions that can be taken to clean it or mitigate the issue in R. The conditions do not have to come from the list.

Remember your initial post on the main topic should be posted by Wednesday 11:59 PM (EST). Your 2 following posts should be commenting on your classmates’ post on different days by Sunday 11:59 PM (EST). You should end the week with 3 total discussion posts.

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Your initial post should include your references, thoroughly present your ideas, and provide evidence to support those ideas. A quality post is more than stating, “I agree with you.” Maybe you should state why you agree with your classmate’s post. Additionally, post some examples or find a related topic on the internet or University’s library and comment on it in the discussion post.

Kirk, A. (2016). Working with Data. Data visualisation: a handbook for data driven design (pp. 111). Los Angeles, CA: Sage.

Note: Your answer must be 1500 words and add at-least 3 references


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