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For this first Process Work assignment, I won’t score entirely based on comprehension of the readings, but I would like you to think about how the texts themselves support your answers. (That is, what can you pull from the text directly that backs up what you are saying?)

Type your response directly into the assignment. Do not attach a file!

Question One “Why I just asked my Students to put away their Laptops” (Links to an external site.)– 7 points

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Clay Shirkey specifically says one particular argument/kind of research pushed him to make a change in how he allows students to use technology during class time. What was it? Bonus: what are the other issues he looks at?

Question Two “Recitatif”Preview the document = 8 points

Race is central to this short story, yet neither of the main characters are explicitly labeled as black or white. Did you find yourself thinking about which race which character was as you were reading? What was the experience of reading this like for you?


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