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Hi Robert,

It is very nice to meet you. You were recommended by a friend. In fact, you have worked with some of my friends. I would like to send you a few jobs. Only the first one is due this week.

It is the discussion board of my (capstone) NURS 497. Initial posts are due on Wednesday before 12 midnight eastern time. Right now is it 12:03 PM where I am. Responses must be separate days between Thursday and Saturday.

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My school is West Coast University. You have to go to Blackboard

My user name is: lulloa2

My password is: Casimillo8

After you login, you will select NURS 497.

Note: Assignments cannot be posted ahead of time, they go by weeks (this week is discussion board 2, next week 3, and so on.

we will have 8 in total.

Please, let me know if I can send you extra assignments.

Kindest regards,



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