Discussion board about leadership

Discussion Board #1: *****Recall a time when you were part of a team (virtual or in-house). How did your personal communication style affect the team performance? What was your personal communication style?

Discussion Board #2: ***To what extent do leaders ensure team creativity, team collaborative and knowledge creation? Give an example of how you as a leader have directly and/or indirectly influenced team performance or give an example of how someone has directly and/or indirectly influenced your performance on a team.

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Discussion Board #3: ****Please watch the following video, ad answer the questions below by headings.


  1. Describe the reasons for the dysfunction as shown in the video.
  2. List at least three examples of dysfunctional leadership that were displayed in the video and explain why they are dysfunctional?
  3. Did the supervisor display qualities of strategic leadership? Why or Why not?
  4. Explain how you would have handled the situation differently if you were the manager?
  5. What contingency model do you feel would have been most effective in this situation?

There is 3 different discussions questions ad subquestions to answer correctly. lease separate by heading each discussion board to know why we are discussing clearly. Teachers are strict. Thanks!

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