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I would like for you to pay close attention to the following terms to get to understand their meanings because you will see them throughout the semester: estates in real property; deed; devise, adverse possession, fixture, personal property, inheritance, will, possession. Some are similar in nature, but mean very different things.

Let’s have a nice discussion today stating our opinions on the differences between real and personal property to put these concepts into perspective. The differences are rooted in history and, simply put, in order to remember the distinctions is that real property is land and buildings; personal property (both tangible and intangible) is anything other than land and buildings.

My hope for you in this discussion is for you to give some examples of both real and personal property and to discuss why each example fits into either category. Create your own answer discussing your thoughts on this. 5 to 10 sentences

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After creating your answer, I would also like you to respond your opinions to 2 students’ answers…3 to 6 sentences per response


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