Discussion: Impacts of the Internet on Global Marketing Research

Picture this scenario: You are the chief marketing officer of your selected final project company. Just now, your chief executive officer (CEO) excitedly strides into your office, pulls up a chair in front of your desk, and says, “So, should we conduct internet marketing surveys before we enter any other new countries with our products?”

In your initial post, craft an answer to the CEO based on expanding into the foreign country you selected for your final project. Start your answer by addressing these broader issues.

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  • What opportunities does the internet offer as a data-gathering tool in international marketing research?
  • What structural barriers affect the use of the internet as an international marketing research tool?
  • Do you feel the internet would be better for primary or secondary international market research in your selected country?
  • What kinds of biases might you encounter during the survey process?

Then, speak directly to your CEO’s survey quandary by considering the merits of the internet for conducting a consumer survey in your final project country.

In responding to your peers, share your thoughts about your peers’ ideas and opinions on global internet research in general and the pros and cons expressed regarding using international internet surveys in their selected country. Suggest possible solutions.

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