Discussion post (HRM)

Find an example of bias in the workplace. The discrimination can impact any part of the employment experience: hiring, pay, promotion, representation, termination, etc. The bias can include any of the EEO (equal employment opportunity) protected classes: race, age, religion, disability, veteran status, gender, pregnancy. You may also discuss examples of emerging protected classes: sexual orientation, gender identity, criminal history, etc.

Note: do not select a pay equity issue for this discussion.

Do some research and find very specific example of discrimination for the post(s). (Minimum of 250-300 words for the whole discussion post, 2 paragraphs)


1) Give a short (4-5 sentence) summary of the bias. Link to the article or other source where you learned about this bias. Share facts you learned.

2) Offer your opinion about whether the discrimination is a result of unconscious bias, conscious bias, or a mix.

Here’s an example discussion post:

This Harvard Business Review (link) article talks about both African American and Asian applicants “whitening” their resume. Whitening can mean using a more “white” name and eliminating schools, civic activities, even addresses that reveal or imply race. Here is a graph that summarizes research findings: (a graph was displayed below)

It’s hard for me to think this is anything but conscious bias. My sister had a hard time getting a job as a dental hygienist after she earned her associates degree despite the fact that she had worked part-time as dental assistant for 2 years during school. After a while, she used her middle name, which is not a traditional Asian name, and she did get more interviews and had a job offer within a month. Her theory is that once people met her, they dropped biased concerns when they learned more about her skills.

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