Discussion Posts

Listed below are discussion posts. Each discussion post needs to be at least 250 words each and have at least one reference.

1. How is your capstone project innovative for the organization you have chosen? Identify ways your capstone is forward-thinking but also appropriate for the “now” of the organization.

2. Reflect on your experience mentoring and coaching throughout the Master of Science in Leadership program. Is your capstone project connected to mentorship or coaching? Are you able to apply mentorship or coaching skills directly or indirectly to the capstone project? (No, my project is not connected to mentorship or coaching/).

3. How did you apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes from previous courses to the application of your capstone project? What did you learn from those experiences that prepared you for the capstone?

4. After implementing your capstone, you will have an opportunity to conduct a post-assessment and evaluate the success of the project. Before getting the results, what do you expect to learn from the post-assessment? Do you feel your capstone project was successful? What could you have done differently or improved upon?

Attached below are assignments leading up to the project/discussion post.

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