Discussion question

Please fallow instruction. APA style with references.

Uses these books for references and use other references that are 5 years or less year old:

Books: Pocket Guide to APA Style, Fifth Edition Robert Perrin

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Family Practice Guidelines: Third Edition

Advanced Assessment Interpreting Finding and diagnosis and formulating differential diagnosis Third edition

What is your list of appropriate differential diagnoses and why?

What is the final diagnosis and what assessment findings serve to support this?

What are the specific auscultation, palpation, and percussion findings of the lungs that are normal vs. abnormal?

Patientâs information

Age: 69 years Sex: F

Height: 5′ 5″

Weight: 135 pounds (BMI 22.5)

Temperature: 100.1 F (oral)

Pulse: 98 bpm – regular

Blood pressure: 112/62 mmHg

Respiratory rate: 22 bpm

SpO2: 89% on room air

Allergies: to nuts

Chief complaint: Acute progression dyspnea, , wheezing on expiration wet Cough, gunky stuff sputum, pale, yellow, thick and darker, fever, trouble breathing for 3 days and right upper quadrant pain when coughing and breathing.


Past Medical History: Stomach ulcer, Appendicitis, gallbladder measles, mumps, chicken pox and rubella

Immunization: took these fallowing immunizations 5 years ago: Cholera, Yellow fever, Hepatitis, flu shot last year and pneumonia vaccine four years ago.

Rx (medications): Combivent 2 puffs 2 times a day, flovent 1 puff twice a day atenelol 50 mg, tylenol for fever

FHx (family history):Her father dies at the age of 80 years old of a heart attack. Her mother i s 93 years old a nd she has 2 children and 2 grandchildren they are all healthy.

Smoking : 1 pack a day for 45 years, but quite since 2 years ago

SHx (social history) SHx (social history) She was a high school teacher, she is retired now.

She likes music and reading. She has season tickets to the symphony to which she goes once a month with good friend of hers. She loves gardening as well. She goes to her daughterâs house where they have a big garden where she can putter about.

She doesnât remember about her last physical.

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