Discussion Question 400 words in Statistics

I looked the question and got an answer but it has to be 400 words. No plagiarizing allowed of course.

Answer the following questions with at least 400 words and 2 scholarly resources.

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  • Complete exercise 1.7 in Chapter 1 on guilt in decision making.
  • Consider the concepts learned and how they apply to a scholarly research article that has measures of guilt and decision making and/or closely related factors.
  • Propose and justify a relevant follow up experimental design and research question to this article using a Biblical worldview.
  • For example, is there a correlation between perceived level of guilt and perceived level of wealth?
  • Explain the implications of this in the context of a Biblical worldview.
  • Be creative and help your peers consider varying perspectives on each dimension of this discussion.
  • Guilt in Decision Making.The effect of guilt emotion on how a decision maker focuses on the problem was investigated in the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making (January 2007).A total of 171 volunteer students participated in the experiment, where each was randomly assigned to one of three emotional states (guilt, anger or neutral) through a reading/writing task.Immediately after the task, the students were presented with a decision problem (e.g. whether or not to spend money on repairing a very old car).The researchers found that a higher proportion of students in the guilty-state group chose to repair the car than those in the neutral-state and anger-state groups.
  • Identify the population, sample, and variables measured for this study.
  • What inference was made by the researcher?


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