discussion question-WRK110-strayer university-The Confidence Advantage

Please respond to the following: The discussion questions given please produce 200 words about each numbered question. please place answers under each bullet point. In Addition a response must be given back (100 words) to the other students Mia Pullom and Kimberlee Bryant for both responses.

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1) As a young, aspiring artist, Queen Latifah had to identify areas of her career where she needed to build up her confidence to succeed. In the Webtext, you also chose an area to build up your confidence in your career.

Please describe what it is about that area that you want to specifically improve. Explain why you chose this area and how working on it will have a positive impact on your career.

providing a tip to your classmate to help them build confidence in the area they chose.

Mia Pullom

RE: Sample Response & Peer Reply

Where I need improvement at in my career or in my life, is being able to hold a conversation in a huge groups of people. I’m a great debater and I value other opinions, but I was always that person that was so geared up to talk. When time to talk I was mostly was shy at the same time. Normally I freeze up if I talking to unfamiliar people. Normal 75% it is because I don’t know no one, or I feel like I’m going to start talking and get off topic because I’m too nervous.

I know if I was to come out of my shield a little, and start challenging myself to start talking more to unfamiliar people and share my opinions and listen to others this will play a big part in my career and have me ready for challenges ahead of me. My confidence also be well develop by then.

Kimberlee Bryant

RE: Week 2 Discussion

The area that I chose that needs work is being able to speak up in front of a large number of people. I can’t say that I am shy, because I’m not. I have thoughts, but would rather speak to someone one on one instead of in a large group. I am trying to work on this and have started small. I set up small group sessions and am working to get comfortable about speaking up in those settings. I’m bad about staying quiet unless specifically asked something point-blank. I want to be able to speak the ideas or thoughts that I have without having to be singled out and asked. I feel this will have a positive impact on my career because then others won’t see me as “quiet” or “shy” and will know that I do have things to add and improve things for the team.

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