Discussion Reply 200 words. APA.

Initial question:

Find a current example of a linear optimization model used in your industry. Describe the industry’s needs, including any unique factors, how the linear optimization model was used, and the problem or challenge it addressed. Would you suggest a different model be used? Why or why not? Support your response with rationale from the assigned readings.

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Reply to this: There are many examples of linear programming with in the field of education. In a prior post I discussed how administrators in my district decided to save cost by cutting roles and positions. Many linear programming problems involve minimizing an objective such as cost instead of maximizing a profit function (Render, B., Stair, R. M., Hanna, M. E., & Hale, T. S. 2015).

Four years ago my school district was challenged with cutting cost in its transportation department. My school district currently has 10 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high schools. Decision makers for the district decided that changing the start time of half of the elementary schools would cut cost. The district decided to eliminate 50% of the bus driver positions. Changing time start time of half of the elementary schools allowed each bus drivers to transport students to and early school elementary school and still have time to transport students to a school that starts at a later time. By changing the times the Transportation was able to minimize staffing needs and still ensure that students are transported to each location.

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