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Chavvas Post:


With the increased demand for high computing power, information technology experts have always looked for a way of reducing the size of the hardware, increasing the computing power, and reducing the cost of implementing technology. Among these technologies is virtualization that allows multiple devices to access a single resource remotely rather than have each of these resources installed in each computer (Verma, Malla, Choudhary, & Arora, 2019). A practical example of virtualization is how the ATMs work despite having the hardware component in each ATM station, each of them is linked to a single database server that is accessed remotely and processes user requests from different ATMs simultaneously.

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Singh outlines several benefits of virtualization, and I strongly agree with them, among them being effective power management. Computer hardware and software consume power, depending on the amount of data they are computing. Therefore, having a shared server saves on power as compared to having each device with its server. Besides, resource utilization is another approach that saves on the installation and implementation cost. Where an organization only needs to work on one server or resource and link their devices to that server. The other thing is availability. Information technologies may fail once in a while, and it is challenging to fix problems like operating system failure in various devices. Having a virtualized operating system environment makes it easy to fix or work on the virtual operating system. Finally, implementing security becomes very easy in a virtual environment. Most virtual environment utilizes a single but secure firewall rather than having a firewall installed in each of the devices and thus making it easy to manage security within a given network and makes it very useful since no device can access services without going through the firewall (Singh, 2018).

More so, other advantages of virtualization include improving performance. Creating a virtual environment allows and organization to invest more resources on the shared resource and therefore creates systems with more reliable and high computation speed. It is also easy to integrate information systems since linking two virtual servers from different companies with the right infrastructure means one can access multiple devices from one organization to the other. For example, banks have linked their information systems by linking their virtual environment servers to their partners.

Server sprawl relates to a situation where an organization acquires more server resources than it should have. Leading to a scenario of wastage of resources and underutilization of the available resources. It can also be characterized by a situation where a company fails in managing their virtual environment machines. Such a situation increased the cost of implementation and maintained, whereas an organization can do with lesser servers. The best way to handle such a situation is by proper planning and practicing severs consolidation where possible. It will help to reduce the number of servers to be managed and thus improve on effective virtual environment management. Besides, it is essential to involve cloud system experts so that they can give proper advice on the sufficient number of services an organization needs.

KadiriKota post:


Benefits of Virtualization Software

Virtualization can be defined as the process of running a virtual instance of a computer system in a layer abstracted from the actual hardware. Virtualization software, on the other hand, allows one to run two or more systems of operation using only one personal computer. There are several benefits of virtualization software. First, virtualization software reduces hardware costs. It is imperative to note that this is achieved through connecting different operating systems to one PC and therefore, an organization does not incur expenses of buying more hardware. Secondly, it provides fast server deployment and provisioning (Jain & Choudhary, 2016). Notably, virtualization software allows system deployment and provisioning within a very short time, allowing one to clone an existing virtual machine without the hours and costs normally spent installing a new physical server. It is also important to note that virtualization software also plays a role in greatly improving disaster recovery. Notably, the technology allows an organization to recover its data when there are issues that could lead to loss of it. Again, it allows the user to have an effective backup which helps it in recovering data. Fourthly, the software also allows the migration of physical servers to virtual machines, whereby an organization can consolidate them onto fewer physical servers (Jain & Choudhary, 2016). Notably, this ensures that the organization uses lesser energy on the fewer physical servers and the organization can use the funds in other operations. Lastly, virtualization software also plays a role in increasing productivity within an organization. In most cases, when there are no recovery mechanisms or effective backup systems, an organization may fail to be productive as it has to gather all the data which has been lost due to a disaster. However, with the virtualization software, the organization can continue with its operations because the data is easily and swiftly recovered (Jain & Choudhary, 2016).


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