Discussion – To Be or Not to Be an Independent Contractor

Visit the http://www.irs.gov website and find the publication that addresses the differences between employee as opposed to independent contractor status. Take notes as you review the information about gather some data about the pros and cons of being an independent contract and the rules associated with it. 

Have you ever thought about being an independent consultant, or have you been offered a flat fee without any payroll deductions for doing work for another company? Do you find it attractive to be your own boss and manage how and what you get paid? Are you aware of the additional taxation involved with such an arrangement? Do you feel some employers take advantage of the labor force by calling them contractors and not employees, avoiding the need to give them benefits and paying the matching portion of payroll tax?

Based on your notes and the questions above, enter the class discussion and make a case for or against being an independent contractor vs. a full time employee.

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