How does the slope of a budget line illustrate opportunity cost and trade-offs? How does a budget line illustrate scarcity and the effect of limited incomes?

Blackboard Discussions: This is a way for students to help develop their critical thinking by finding articles when one is not assigned and discussing what the article is trying to convey by linking its economic concept to the economic topics being introduced in class. By using Blackboard’s Discussion Board, all students can read and provide opinions on each other’s topic. Some discussions will entail reading newspapers or listening to journalists on television. Students’ writing skills will be monitored for these assignments.

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The answer to each discussion question must be at least 200 words – that is the minimum required to fully answer the questions. Each answer must demonstrate critical thinking and writing at a University level. Good grammar and spelling are important. The answer must completely address all issues raised in the activity description and information from another source must be cited in MLA format.

Responses to classmates must be at least 3-4 sentences and must demonstrate that you have read the posting. Merely saying “good point” or “I agree” will not earn any response points. Note that 2.5% is NOT a guarantee just because you post an answer.

If students don’t contribute anything, they get a zero.

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