Each question must be more than 200 words

Each question must be more than 200 words.


1.  List the myths regarding rape and sexual assault.  Why are these societal myths so detrimental?

Discuss the long term effects/symptoms in adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.


2.  Why does a crisis worker need to have a thorough knowledge of the risk factors that suicidal/homicidal clients might portray? In your response, list several of the risk factors that are considered most serious in times of the client’s vulnerability to lethality.



3.  Walker’s theory of learned helplessness has been hotly debated.

Walker sees it as a sophisticated coping mechanism that allows

women to survive a potentially lethal relationship while many

feminists see it as demeaning of women in that they fit into the

stereotype of “helpless females.” Take a position for or against

learned helplessness in battering relationships.


4.  Take a position, pro or con, on the following statement, and support your argument:  Gambling or sex may be classified as addictions.


Critics of the disease” concept of chemical dependency argue that it is actually “disease” with one’s ability to cope and have enough discipline to stop abusing substances.  Discuss whether you believe chemical dependency is truly a “disease” or is “dis-ease”.


5.  Compare the Adaptive Model and the Dual Process model.  What are the similarities and differences?  Which seems to fit best to your style of counseling?  Why is that so?

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