Everglades University Effective Team Management Paper

This assignment gives you the opportunity to explore a topic related to teamwork in depth. For a list of possible topics, see the Contents of your textbook.

Basic Requirements and Format

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Length – The minimum length is five (5) pages

Font – Typed using Times New Roman font size 12

Line Spacing – Double-spaced

Margins – Margins of no more than 1 inch

APA format

Sources – See below

Contents of Paper

– The paper must include:

  • Introduction

Gain the reader’s interest by asking an intriguing question or providing an attention-grabbing example of a problem associated with your topic.

Include one or more topic sentences that explain how your paper is organized. For example: “This paper presents research on the following subtopics: Name of Subtopic 1, Name of subtopic 2, etc. In addition, an application section is included.”

  • Body of the Paper: Three Subtopics and an Application Section

Organize your paper by dividing the content into three (3) subtopics. Use boldface headings to separate discussion on each subtopic.

Also include an “Application/My Opinion” section. In this section, apply topic-related concepts to your work or other experience with teamwork. Begin this section with a boldface heading.

  • Conclusion

Briefly summarize the highlights or bottom-line of what you have discussed.

You might draw an overall conclusion about the importance of the topic to effective business management.

Note on exceptions to APA:

Optional, but not required: running header, abstract

Use of first person is acceptable: “I” and “my” and “our” language is appropriate in the Application/My Opinion section.


A minimum of four (4), high-quality sources must be utilized.

All sources must have authors.

Avoid Wikipedia and any unauthored websites.

Use APA format for source citations; all sources on reference page must be cited within the body of the paper.

Include a reference page and use APA format for this page.

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