eward system for the team

Write from experiences and opinion

  1. The response reflects a clear understanding of the question and reflects critical thinking and the application of appropriate concepts/ideas from the course
  2. The response reflects critical thinking and original ideas, not answers directly out of the textbook or another outside source
  3. The response has an appropriate length, which should be more than 8-10 lines
  4. The response is well written, reflecting clarity of thought, as well as correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling

(a) As a supervisor overseeing a newly formed team, you have been tasked with developing a reward system for the team. How would you design a team-based reward system that does not allow for social loafing? Explain what the reward system would be/look like and your reasoning.

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(b) Discuss some of the problems and biases with team member evaluations. If you find yourself in a team setting where you are asked to rate your fellow team members, how can you better overcome these biases? Explain. How can you also help your team members avoid these biases? Explain.

(c) YAmerican employees prefer individual-based rewards. Do you believe this is a fair and accurate assumption? Explain.

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