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Start Excel. Open the file named e02ch04Express.xlsx. Save the file with the name e02ch04Express_LastFirst, replacing LastFirst with your name.

Use the cells A5:A10 and O5:O10 on the AnnualData worksheet to create a 3-D Pie chart of the number of annual rentals for the six car types. Reposition the chart so the upper left corner is inside cell H12.

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On the 3-D pie chart, change the title to Annual Rentals. Change the font of the title to Arial Black, 16 pt, and bold.

Add data labels on the pie chart to include the category name and percentage only. Position the label information on the outside end of the chart. Change the font size of the labels to 8 and apply bold. Remove the legend. Explode the slice of the chart that represents the auto type with the lowest percentage of annual rentals by 20%.

Click the clustered column chart located below the monthly data. Change the chart type to Line.

Increase the data used in the line chart to include the months of July, August, and September. Switch the row and column data so that the months July to December are represented on the x-axis.

Change the chart style to Style 6. On the line chart, add primary major vertical gridlines. Change the chart title to Rentals by Auto Type for July to December.

Create a 3-D Clustered Column chart using the cells A5:10 and H5:H10 for the Semi-Annual Total for all auto types on the AnnualData worksheet. The primary horizontal axis should be the auto types.

Move the 3-D column chart from the AnnualData worksheet to a chart sheet, and then name that worksheet SemiAnnualReport.

If necessary, add the chart title Semi-Annual Total to the chart. Bold the title. Adjust the 3-D Rotation of the chart to have a X rotation of 30 and a Y rotation of 20. Add Data Labels to the chart. Change the size of the data labels to 14 and then bold.

Reposition the SemiAnnualReport worksheet after the AnnualData worksheet.

Insert the File Name in the left footer section of AnnualData worksheet.

Save the workbook. Close the workbook and then exit Excel. Submit the workbook as directed.

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