Excelsior College Steve Jobs 2011 Documentary One Last Thing Essay

You should now create a tentative thesis statement for Essay One. the general principles of thesis statements are as follows:

  • A thesis states your topic and your opinion about that topic.
  • A thesis is the organizing principle of your essay; it is a road-map for your readers to follow.
  • A thesis is a promise to your readers and your paper must deliver on that promise.
  • A thesis is usually debatable or controversial and therefore it is not an objective statement of fact.
  • A thesis is never a question but instead is an answer/conclusion.
  • A thesis comes at the end of your introduction.

You may also want to review the pages on thesis writing provided by Excelsior College online writing lab: http://owl.excelsior.edu/writing-process/thesis-sentence/ (Links to an external site.)

Your thesis for this essay assignment should follow this basic formula:

X (film title) by Y (author) is in/effective (un/successful, un/persuasive, etc.) argument because of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

In one model student essay, the thesis looks like this:

Hot Coffee uses a highly compelling mixture of ethos, logos, and pathos appeals to make an effective argument against tort reform. The film employs examples of media bias, expert commentary, and personal accounts to persuade the audience and illuminate an issue with which it assumes many viewers are unfamiliar.

Here are some other suggestions for beginning to draft your thesis:

  • I found this documentary very persuasive for its use of a, b, and c strategies.
  • This documentary was incredibly effective because ….
  • This documentary was effective in parts and ineffective in others
  • This film’s strengths outweighed its weaknesses; XXXXX
  • Because of its profound use of strategies appealing to ethos, pathos, and logos, the film very effectively persuaded the audience X


In Steve jobs, 2011 documentary, one last thing, the director has explained how his imagination, talent, and style have significant influences on people’s lives. This film is a tribute to the Apple co-founder and CEO. The job was able to change many things like how we communicate, work and interact among ourselves. The through-line of the films involves Jobs’ career course along with the growth of his unforgettable product presentations. This film is a look at how Job pursued his passions and brought changes to the entire world.

The through-line of the films involves how Steve Jobs’ has brought many innovations such as mobile, computers, movies and music. His greatest legacy was the principles that resulted in his success. Job argues that we should do what we love. He insisted that people with passion could bring much change to the world. To him, passion was all he needed for his success. Job argued that we should put a dent in the world. He stated that the power of vision is everything.

Through the film, it is evidenced that Steve Job argues that we should make connections. He believes that creativity plays a significant role in connecting many things. Job always was selling dreams rather than products. He understood his clients and he knew that tablets would not capture customers’ imagination if they were complicated.


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