Executive Summary

In this assignment, you will select a program, quality improvement initiative, or other project from your place of employment. Assume you are presenting this program to the board for approval of funding. Write an executive summary (850-1,000 words) to present to the board, from which they will make their decision to fund your program or project. The summary should include:

  1. The purpose of the program or project.
  2. The target population or audience.
  3. The benefits of the program or project
  4. The cost or budget justification.
  5. The basis upon which the program or project will be evaluated.

Share your written proposal with your manager, supervisor or other colleague in a formal leadership position within a health care organization. Request their feedback using the following questions as prompts:

  1. Do you believe the proposal would be approved if formally proposed?
  2. What are some strengths and weaknesses of the proposal?


Submit the written proposal along with the “Executive Summary Feedback Form.”

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary Tips!!

  1. Paper must be written in APA Format
  2. The executive summary must identify a problem where you work
  3. The Executive Summary must identify a solution to the problem
  4. The Executive Summary must identify the target population (who will benefit from this program?)
  5. The Executive Summary must discuss in details the benefits of the program or project
  6. The Executive Summary must be written as though you are presenting it to the Board to request approval for funding
  7. The cost or budget justification section must include an estimated total cost to implement the program. Do not only provide general information on why the budget should be approved. Also, include itemized details of how much funding will be required and how the funding will be allocated.
  8. The Executive Summary must include details of how you will evaluate whether or not the program is successful
  9. References must be cited throughout the paper to support the project.

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