expand on social media

You are required to focus on expand on social media considerably. You should cover areas such as what is the core concept being explored, how does the author’s approach the framework, how can it be related to your own work(the file below) during the semester? How might it contribute to and develop on the theory being discussed. This writing task is also an opportunity to reflect on your personal learning during the semester and to expand on what has been useful in the class. You might like to discuss what was the most interesting aspect of the course, how will you use it in the future, and how might these concepts radically shift in the coming six months.(1300 words)


Individuals receiving the highest grades will submit an excellent article, which:

  • Defines and elaborates key concepts, demonstrating understanding of social media theory and practice
  • Exhibits a well structured argument with appropriate evidence and examples
  • Shows critical analysis, with evidence of additional research
  • Includes relevant images and infographics
  • Shows a high standard of expression
  • Is accurate and includes relevant citations and references.

A part of my course references:

The teacher gave us some good example to broadcast project, such as pinpal (an program of marshalls and pinterest), donut day( hold by dunkin dount) and some advertisement like coke.


The teacher told us something about internet environment. like “we are all online journalism”, and the authenticity of network, the algorithms of internet, and something else about social media.

please choose one topic to discuss and expand on it.

My project work of this course is below. Please write this essay related of my works. (because the limit of the file, I canceled some contents.)

Thank you.

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