FIN6631 Troy University Harry Davis Industries Finance WACC Questions

There are Finance 6631 WACC Assignments. The purpose of this additional questions is to measure problem solving skills for students.

As you can see from each question, there are four areas to measure: define problem, identify strategies, propose solution or hypothesis, and evaluate potential solutions.

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There is no set answers. So, please try your best to answer each question based on above-mentioned four areas.

As long as you answer each question based on four areas, you will receive points for additional questions.

Also, please submit the answers to additional questions through AQUA system separately.

You can find the Finance 6631 WACC Assignments along with AQUA system submission link within “Assignments” link of the CANVAS course shell. Finance 6631 WACC Assignments are located at the bottom once you enter into the “Assignments” link.

It will be graded by SCOB, not by me, for recording purposes.

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