FINA case

Case Questions

Use materials provided to answer following questions(Do not search for data from other website ):

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1) How does Facebook make money? What are the value drivers of its business?

2) Why is Facebook going public? What is the planned use of proceeds from the offering?

3) Test the sensitivity of the DCF analysis in Exhibit 11 to the assumptions on sales growth and EBIT margins. What are the challenges in using multiples analysis (Exhibit 12) to value Facebook?

4) As a potential shareholder, what are your concerns about Facebook or its stock offering? What is your final recommendation for the CXTechnology Fund?


1) Answer Question 4 based on the evidence available at the time of offering. (i.e. do not base your argument on today’s valuation of Facebook. In financial markets, we operate without the benefit of hindsight).

2) Your report cannot exceed 5 pages in total. Handwritten reports will not be accepted. All reports should clearly specify names, group number and section

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