Final Essay – you can use Marijuana legalization for this essay.

For your final essay, you will choose some topic of social, political, or current event interest, and write a critical, argumentative essay defending a thesis on that topic. It may be a topic that is of personal interest to you, or it may be a topic that you’re exploring in another course. Note: submitting the same paper to two courses without permission violates GSU’s academic honor code. Please contact both instructors before submitting the same or similar paper twice.

By this point in the term, you have many, many tools at your disposal to construct a high quality, critical analysis of an argument by analogy. In addition to the many tools and techniques we’ve practiced throughout the term, I invite you to make good use of the “checklist for arguments by analogy” that we developed during Discussion Forum 6. Please carefully cite the checklist that you use, regardless of whether it was written by you, or another student.

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Finally, please review the two additional documents, called “Second Essay Instructions” and “Second Essay Criteria”, before you begin. This assignment is due via Please review the syllabus for assignment due.

please only use scholary references and below are the general rules of argument by stasis


What are the causes or consequences?

What should we do about it?

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