Final Exam: 636

Please answer the following questions using a minimum word count of 150 words per question.

Question 51: Describe the various characteristics of a negotiation.

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Question 52: How can a “pressured” party respond to distributive tactics?

Question 53: Identify four major steps in the integrative negotiation process.

Question 54: From the perspective of managers, how can assumptions often play into their decision-making process?

Question 55: What is process satisfaction, and what does it provide to the employee?

Question 56: What do you, as a supervisor, need to do in order to provide emotional satisfaction to your employees?

Question 57: What are the four standards for evaluating strategies and tactics in business and negotiation?

Question 58: In negotiation, when does the availability bias operate?

Question 59: What role does competence play with regard to trust?

Question 60: How do some people use anger to their advantage or disadvantage in the


Conflict 101: A Manager’s guide to Resolving Problems So Everyone Can Get Back to Work. Author: Susan H. Shearouse

Negotiation, Seventh Edition. Author: Roy J. Lewicki, David M. Saunders and Bruce Barry

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