final paper from rough draft |


Here is the feedback I received from the instructor:

Good topic. I appreciate the effort but this is Macro and the basic purpose of the paper is to use the text and analyze a macro topic. This reads like a paper for an English Comp class in which the grade is not based on correct application of academic analysis but on style and correct formatting. You first need to Make your second section, after the Introduction of your thesis paragraph, the macro model for showing the effects of taxes on GDP. That will take a page or two. You need also to show why taxes affect GDP directly through consumption and Investment. These are the text equations C = MPC( income minus taxes) and I = MPI (income – Taxes). Show the graphs for these also. Then show how the Aggregate Demand curve and equilibrium in the AD/AS model changes with taxes. Do that and you got two/3 pages if you’re worried about losing all this description stuff. Use this set up to predict what should happen to all these variables C, I, GDP and T (taxes) That is your analysis So cut out all these tax conclusions which you cannot support with the basic macro model in the text for the effects of taxes on GDP . These conclusions about incentives are from Micro which are taught in an advanced Macro course called Public Finance. You need statistics badly! Get time series data showing what happened to C and I and GDP after the tax cut. There should be graphs for this. Compare statistics to your macro predictions from the Macro model I wrote about above and you got another page or two. Then the conclusion. 5 pages is enough. This was too long and not focused.

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I’m also attaching the rough draft with some notes from the instructor as well. Each highlighted area has a little box that you can click on and read his feedback for that section.

If you have any questions, let me know.



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