Final paper related to humanitarian and international disaster management

The topic is: Mexico earthquake in 2017.

It is a major 7.1 magnitude earthquake that stroke Mexico about 8 months ago.

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The paper will discuss the following:

  • Disaster cycle used
  • Management model that was applied
  • Discuss disaster management models, logistics and political
  • And other aspects of the disaster that I may find during my research

The length should be between 10 and 15 pages (not including title page, abstract and references), in APA 6th edition format. This is the opportunity to delve into a topical area addressed in humanitarian and international disaster responses, and develop an in-depth understanding of the situation. Topics to discuss can include but, are not limited to the following.

– How is the disaster cycle used?

– What management model was applied?

– Humanitarian response, Governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), that provided help during the earthquacke

– Discuss disaster management models, logistics, political and capacity related topics as applicable.

Important notes:

Please find reliable scholar resources to do the paper, it must be more than 6 resources.

– Use proper APA format for in-line citation and references

You must deeply talk about the humanitarian organizations that provided assistance in the Mexico earthquake , and also the organization that should have provided help for the victims.

– Try to find the risks vulnerabilities in Mexico, and mention them in the introduction.

– Also try to include the following:

Security issues if there are some

Public health issues during the earthquack if there were some happened

How can the disaster management improve in Mexico to face any crises in the future.

I may try to provide you some references.

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