Final Project Management Plan Assignment

Final Project Management Plan Assignment – “Private Question & Study Emergency”

I’ve attached my previous week assignments for your reference that you will need to use to complete this assignment.Thank you for taking this assignment on for me!

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Write a paper of no more than 1,400 words, addressing the following items:

  • How changes to the project scope, timeline, and budget are managed and reported.
  • How project cost and schedule performance is measured and reported.
  • How project quality is managed and reported.
  • Reasons why your project could be closed.
  • Closure processes you use for normal completion, such as having objectives met.
  • Ethical considerations you may have to make through the project lifecycle and ways to respond.

Explain the processes that must be in place to effectively manage each aspect of the project and your rationale for selecting the techniques you plan to use.

Assemble your final project plan to include deliverables from Weeks 1, 2, 3, and 6 into a final, cohesive document.

Week 1 (appendices)

  • Project Charter

Week 2 (appendices)

  • Project Schedule
  • Project Budget

Week 3 (appendices)

  • Project Risk Management Plan
  • Project HR Plan
  • Project Communication Plan
  • Project Procurement Plan

Week 6 (new additions – no more than 1,400 words)

  • Change Management Plan For:
    • Cost and schedule.
    • Quality.
    • Project closure.
  • Ethics considerations in project management.
  • What was your rationale for selecting these plans?

Please include all scholarly references in addition to the course textbook you used to complete this assignment.

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