Final Project Milestone 1: Project Vision, Scope, and Stakeholders

For your final project for this course, you will conduct a full postproject analysis on the project that you selected from the provided list in your Module One journal activity. Now that you have received feedback on that assignment, it is time to begin setting up your final project. In this milestone, you will have the opportunity to summarize the key details of the project, discuss the initial vision and scope, and assess the impact of the different levels and roles of various stakeholders.

Project Selected: The Wembley Stadium Project

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Module 1 Journal – Project Selection Paper (attached) and includes the instructor’s feedback.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  1. Summarize the key project details.
  2. Determine what was in-scope and out-of-scope for the project, including the success criteria for the project as expected by the sponsor.
  3. Stakeholders
    1. Discuss how the progress of the project impacted key stakeholders and the roles they play in the project.
    2. Recommend solutions and their expected outcomes to staffing issues.

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