Finance Assignment Option and Future Class

You also have a reading assignment that will count towards class participation: (i) write objectively the causes of the recent (2008) financial meltdown, which has been described by the current Federal Reserve Chief as worse than the Great Depression, (ii) research-based policies available to avert such crises in future, (iii) what the Congress has done so far to not repeat the causes for a future meltdown, (iv) what else the Congress needs to do that it has not already done, and (v) how do these matters impact the twin objectives of our course, “valuation” and “trading.” You can research the internet, follow whatever has been discussed so far in class, and refer to links at You have the greatest advantage among all other business school students to learn the truth about (a) the current form of the capital markets, (b) the crash of 2008, (c) the unfolding saga of reforms that are supposed to restore trust and confidence in the firms who run the markets, (d) the regulators who monitor them and (e) the Congress who grants the authority for regulation and prosecution of wrong doers. How you can get a comprehensive picture of the crisis to complete your reading assignment on the root causes of the financial catastrophe? You may follow Your reading assignment is required of you to present your objective analysis, comments and critiques on any writing from or other sources. But you need to base them on research papers with due citations. You need to submit a one-page, single-spaced, comprehensive report.

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