Finance discussion post and responses

answer the below question with 300 words and APA style.

As the CFO of your company, it falls to you to make the final decision on large expenditures. Recently, your controller has proposed purchasing a new computer system at a cost of $50,000. He believes the system will deliver savings of $60,000 in the accounting department and could be useful to other departments as well. Your treasurer takes a decidedly different view of the proposal. She claims the company will have to borrow money to buy the computer system, and this will cost $10,000 in interest. As well, she is concerned that the amount of saving promised by the controller won’t materialize.

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A. What factors show you consider in this decision?

B. Based on these facts, should you purchase the computer system? Justify your decision.

then reply to the 2 students discussion post with 100 words each and directly at them not in 3rd person ( will post discussions here tomorrow and then extend time for 2 days)

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