Credit History Worksheet

Credit Scores

Go to the Fair Isaac Co. website: (Do not buy a credit score unless you choose to do so.) For this activity, go to “Learn about scores.” Review this page, and follow the link to “What’s in your score?” From this page, follow the links to learn more about credit scores.

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Note: You do not have to share your personal credit score or other details in this worksheet.

Using what you have learned about credit scores, respond to each of the following questions in a minimum of 50 words:

1. What is a credit score? When and why is a credit score important?

2. What are the top two factors in your FICO score? What actions can one take to earn the most points in these categories to improve a FICO score?

3. Your credit score can impact how much you pay on credit you use throughout your life. Enter the four fields into this calculator to estimate how much more you might pay over time. First, try it with your current estimated credit score; then, move the slider to see how much less you would pay with a higher score, and then how much more you would pay with a lower score.

Current   Estimated Score Range

Higher   Score Range

Lower   Score Range

Enter the total cost   of credit for each range

4. In at least 50 words, how would you summarize the results of the calculator?

Credit Reports

Go to, the only site authorized by the Federal Trade Commission to provide free consumer credit reports. Request one free credit report from one of the three credit reporting agencies (if you are unable to download a report, complete this activity using a sample credit report from

Using what you have learned about credits reports, respond to each of the following questions in a minimum of 50 words:

1. What type of information is included on a credit report?

2. How long might negative credit history, such as a 60-day delinquency, remain on your credit report? If any negative history is incorrect, what steps would you take to correct the error?

3. What did you find surprising about credit reports?

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