Financial Analysis data problem Assignement for smith_comp

To get started: 

  • Review the attached PPT and WORD files on analysis of financial data.
  • Open the attached Excel document. Rename and save the document to your computer.

The Balance Sheet and Income Statement for Wal-Mart, Inc. are provided in the Walmart excel file, along with the worksheet you will complete.

On the Ratio Analysis worksheet, complete a ratio analysis of Walmart based on the five categories of analysis discussed in the PPT lesson. 

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In EXCEL format, calculate at least two ratios from each category of Liquidity, Activity, Debt, Profitability, and Market, using the figures in the Jan 2011 and Jan 2012 columns.

This is a ratio calculation assignment- no written analysis.  

For the Market/Book and Price/Book Ratios, you will need to find the current stock price for WalMart online.

If you do not have MS Excel, this assignment can be done in OpenOffice.

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