financial case study

Students will form groups and will work on the following case. The overall grade is based on four factors 1) clarity of writing; 2) clarity of presentation; 3) depth of analysis; and 4) the investment decision process and recommendations.

Case study

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As a recently hired CFA financial analyst for Horizon Investments you have been asked to make portfolio recommendation and setup an investment policy statement for three clients of the firm.

1) John Lambert has recently received his MBA and currently works for Oracle. He is 26 and recently married. He and his wife have saved nearly $100,000 for a down payment on a home. He contributes 10% of his salary to a 401K and Oracle provides a 10% match. The investments are made in mutual funds run by Fidelity Investment.The 401K offered by Oracle has access to all of the funds offered by Fidelity.John Lambert needs to have a detailed investment plan set up for his 401K including the name of the funds and percentage of portfolio to be invested in the funds.

At least two pages.

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