Financial data analysis assignment

First, you need to pick a public company to analyze. You should have already informed me of the company you have picked.

A brief description of the components of the assignment follows:

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  • COMPANY BACKGROUND (30 points) – This will include background information on your company, its industry, and competitors.
  • COMPANY STOCK PRICE ANALYSIS (40 points) – This will include daily tracking and analysis of the company’s common stock price AND the S&P 500 index from March 26th (Monday) through April 13th (Friday). This is fifteen days of price changes and activities. Markets are not open on weekends or holidays.
  • A RISK AND RETURN ANALYSIS (30 Points) – This will include estimating the return on an investment in the stock of the company and a comparison of the risk of the company to that of some other companies in the same and other industries.

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