financial markets

Question: Analyse the business models of Sony and Samsung. Compare the operating earnings of Sony with those of Samsung over the last five years, ending FY 2017/2018.What are the observable trendsin operating performance?

Major Assignment – Research report MAF702 Financial Markets 2019

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You are tasked with the duty of authoring a research report on a nominated topic within the area of financial markets theory. The assignment topic is to be selected from the list of topics within the topics discussion forum. You are to confirm your nominated topic by replying to the topic discussion items listed by the unit chair. Up to 10 candidates may select each of the listed items; however, the assignment must be completed individually. You do not require unit chair approval if you are one of the first 10 candidates confirming your interest in a particular topic. If you would like to nominate a variation to the standard topic or an alternative topic, please contact the unit chair.


The research report must conform to conventions in relation to the authorship of academic papers and academic research reports. This would entail employing a research article, case study or similar format. A research article generally incorporates an abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, findings and conclusion section. Please note that case study formats are well suited to reports on specific firms and or firm comparisons while research article formats are better suited to broad empirical questions. For more guidance on this method refer to the website It is encouraged that you review articles from prominent journals to develop an understanding of academic writing and professional writing generally.

Method of citation The APA, MLA or Harvard methods of citation are all acceptable.

Word limit The essay may be between 3,500-4,500 words. Please note, that some authors write with concision and may only require 3,000 words to write an exemplary report.

General expectations As university level students it is expected that you will critically analyse all the relevant literature, and consider persuasive academic sources. This means that students should consult with academic texts, books and journals in addition to newspaper articles. Using the primary text book from the unit is not sufficient. Students should clearly cite all sources, employing either accepted methodology for citations, but students must be consistent in their method

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