Financial Meltdown Essay/analysis

Topic: What do you think caused or contributed to the recent market meltdown and what can we do to prevent it happening again (concentrate on financial/accounting/regulatory issues)? 

There were many companies involved in the  recent Meltdown of the financial industry.  Some were in the Mortgage business, Banking and Brokerages.  Here are some: Countrywide, Wachovia, Washington Mutual, IndyMac,  Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae,  Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch ,Goldman Sachs, A.I.G., Bear Stearns.

Select a specific company that was involved in the “Meltdown”:

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 1. State which company you selected in the title

2. Profile the company you have selected  – what was their business, history of the company, or any other summary information you think would be good background. (a couple of paragraphs).

3. Describe the situation as it relates to the Meltdown, bankruptcy, or financial problems with this company; give specific examples of what happened. (about another paragraph or 2) .

4. What are your thoughts on this situation?  What are your feelings about what happened in item #2 or the entire meltdown? What does it mean for you?  Do you think this will happen again? 

Provide a minimum of three credible references (cite using APA).

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