financial statements

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in this case, you will put to use what you have learned about reading financial statements to prepare a PowerPoint slideshow that presents your analysis of the health of a company.

Synaptics is a manufacturer of computer interface hardware such as touchpads and fingerprint interfaces. Synaptics has been identified as among the top 20 small, publicly held companies in the United States. Use the link below to view Synaptics 2016 annual report and financial statements.

Synaptics 2016 Annual Report. (2016). Retrieved from

Hint: To find the financial statements, review the Table of Contents and note that the actual Financial Statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commision appear towards the end of the larger report. There you will find the Balance Sheet, Statement of Income, and Statement of Cash Flows. There are other statements, but these are the ones you will want to review.

Case Assignment

Your analysis should address the following questions:

  • What does this information tell me about the company’s performance?
  • Has the company done well compared with other financial periods?
  • Has the company exceeded its own targets?
  • How does it compare with other companies in the same industry?
  • What are the future prospects of
    • The firm
    • The local (national) economy
    • The global economy
    • Customers and suppliers
    • Political reform
    • Social, environmental, and ethical considerations

Prepare a PowerPoint slideshow of at least 8 slides to present your analysis.

Keys to the Assignment

  • Your presentation should be professionally prepared, as if you were making a presentation to your boss.
  • PowerPoint presentations may include voice-overs or other audio.
  • Use evidence and data from the annual report and specified financial statements.
  • Stress analysis – simply reporting the data is not sufficient. You must interpret what it means.
  • Conduct research to assess global, economic, political, environmental, and ethical considerations impacting the company. This should include at least three library resources.
  • You may also include Internet sites such as Bloomberg, Google Finance, or Yahoo! Finance. Be sure to site any ideas or analysis you retrieve from them in your report.
  • Include a title page and reference sheet with your assignment submission.

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