FINC4335 East Texas Baptist University Statement of Cash Flows Project

Using the financial statement provided, prepare a complete Statement of Cash Flows that shows both the direct method and the indirect method for summarizing cash flow from operating activities. Note to complete the assignment you will need to calculate items such as dividends paid (Retained Earnings & AOCI2018 – Net income2018 – Retained Earnings & AOCI2017 = Dividends paid2018), capital expenditures (Net Fixed Assets2017 – Book Value of Fixed Assets Sold2018 – Depreciation Expense2018 – Net Fixed Assets2018 = Capital expenditures made2018, and investment in intangible assets (Intangible Assets2017 – Amortization of Intangible Assets2018 – Intangible Assets2018 = Investment in intangible assets2018.)

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