Find 6 articles and write an annotated bibliography for each. (The relationship between operation management and company objectives)

The relationship between operation management and company objectives

1. Each person needs to find 6 scholarly Journal articles. Each one needs to be

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cited in APA formatting and included in the Word document.

2. The Word file should be a write-up of the Article.

3. Create a PowerPoint presentation to cover the article/articles/topic.

4. You need to link the content of the article to the topics covered in the

Operations textbook and in class. (Chapter’s 1-8)

5. You should include notes on the PowerPoint that you would use if you were

to present the presentation.

6. You need to submit a list of all 6 articles in APA citation format, the

presentation and the word file.

7. You will also post both files on blackboard.

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