Food Security in the GCC countries, Towards more diversified and sustained economy

This report aims to address the main challenges and prospects facing food security in the GCC countries and explain the degree of which GCC states involved food security as one of the main pillars of their long term national visions. within the challenges facing the GCC countries with regard to food security, To what extent food security is perceived as a priority for the Gulf countries in their national visions (Oman 2040, Saudi Arabia 2030, Qatar 2030 ….etc). what are the best alternatives for GCC to adopt sustainable food supply programs and does the current Gulf crisis represented by the blockade imposed against Qatar act as an obstacle towards achieving the common projects within the GCC.

The report will also explain if Qatar has succeeded in establishing its own food supply chain and became independent from the blockading countries, mainly Saudi Arabia which was the main food supply to Qatar before the crisis.

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1. internal and external factors that influence food security in the Gulf region. environmental constraints, shortage of water, geopolitical factors.

2. An overview to food supply in the GCC (domestic production, imports, land investment overseas).

3. GCC long term national visions and the presence of food security programs as one of the main pillars of economic and social diversification.

4. The impact of the current Gulf crisis on mutual projects between the GCC, and the measures taken by Qatar to overcome any supply of food disruption.

5. Possible strategies and alternatives to ensure food security: The role of private and private sector, increase water efficiency, using modern solutions to grow crops such as Aquaculture, Hydroponics and Aquaponics production.

** Research Articles that might help you will be uploaded.

** Refer to at least 10 creditable sources and Cite them.

** In-text citation and references using APA style.

** Total word Count = 3500 words.

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