For each attachment making 3 questions

For each attachment making 2 or 3 questions

First thing, I want you to do before you make those questions. Read the all those attachments I send to you and follow those instructions.

As you have learned through your course readings and classroom discussion, logic models may be used as a valuable tool in both the planning and evaluation of programs. For this assignment, you will make 3 questions based logic model, which will be used as a tool to plan an evaluation of a criminal justice program. Look at all components of the logic model need to be included including inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes. Since this logic model is intended to aid in the planning of a program evaluation, please also include a column delineating your methods of assessment for each outcome listed.

Several computer applications can be used to assist in developing the logic model figure including PowerPoint, Lucid Chart (, Microsoft Excel, and Word. You may also find some helpful resources from the Kellogg Foundation ( and/or

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